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What's diet ? How difficult is it ? How do we sustain it? Will I manage dieting ? Get all these questions answered. I'm sharing my favourite nutritional advice for all the followers. Keep at it and results will follow. I always say diet is never temporary its a lifestyle change. I encourage my patients to eat sensibly and achieve the desired weight. Starvation diets are never the solution . Proper diet might take more time than usual but is Permanent in nature. It will further, change your lifestyle in a fashion that is best suited for your body.  I suggest eat frequently spaced meals, but eat things that are nutritionally balanced and  portion control is the key.   Also working out to feel alive and remain fit is my motto.  For customized diet charts for weight loss , diabetes , PCOD , thyroid , kidney problems , liver related problems, kids food counselling etc please leave a message Dietician in gurgaon #dietician in palam vihar # obesity diets # easy diets # best dietician in palam vihar # diets made for u # sensible eating
PARENTING A TEENAGER -ROCKET SCIENCE??? IS YOUR TEEN ARGUMENTATIVE/SARCASTIC ??? DO YOU THINK YOUR CHILD IS UNDER STRONG PEER PRESSURE??? IS YOUR CHILD BACK ANSWERING?? IS YOUR CHILD EATING RIGHT?? IS YOUR CHILD HAVING TEEN ACNE??? how to manage it with food?? IS YOUR CHILD HAVING PREMENSTRUAL SYMPTOMS?? how to manage that with food? And much more such questions must be always wandering in your mind.  Get ready for the most informative workshop on parenting tips that would answer all your questions regarding your child from behavioural pattern to nutritional advice for your teenager. Teen is that time when it's most difficult to understand your own child because of so many changes going inside the body and mind of the child. Lets get together and find answers to the most frequently asked questions of parents in this stage.  Speaker of the day Dr. Savita chaudhary  MBBS DCH PG Senior consultant paediatrican and Adolescent medicine specialist. FOUNDER- Shubham Child and Adolescent Clinic (Adolescent Health and counselling) Fellow SACR  Covering behavioural pattern and bodily changes in pre teens to teens. Dr. Vandana Verma  B.P.T, DNHE, MIAP, FOR ( Nutritionist and physiotherapist) FOUNDER- FITNESS4ALL  Covering nutritional aspect of a pre teen and teen. Pre-registration is required to block your seats.  Limited seats,    first come first serve basis .  One parent per child to attend the workshop.  The child should fall in the age group of 11 to 17 years.  Registration fees. Rs.1000/- Contact Dr. Vandana Verma 9999109574  Venue fitness4all  K block palam vihar  Gurgaon 122017  Date. 2nd December,   Sunday  Time. 10am  to 12pm  Schedule  10am -11am Dr. Savita  11am to 11-30 Dr Vandana  11.30 am  to 12pm Parent questions 
Are u dealing with a fussy eater? Your child gives you a you hard time eating? It's understandable when when you are dealing with a fussy eater you are in a happy state if the child eats anything at all, nutrition is the last thing on your mind that time. But that's when the nutritional gap starts to arise and in no time the child starts becoming obese even when he or she is eating less. Nutrition plays a very important role in these kids who are building on the immunity for the rest of their lives. Introducing special Diet counselling sessions for mothers of toddlers between 2 to 5 years of age on thurday 5th july . Pre book your slots and get answers to all your queries and know exciting ways to introduce nutrition in their diets.
HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE Free nutritional counselling for heart patients tommorrow on 29th September at fitness4all palam vihar. Book your slots starting 9.30 till 12.30.